Interpersonal skills for life and ministry

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills

On-site SYIS workshops provide a friendly and encouraging environment for learning to build and enjoy healthy relationships.

SYIS is highly interactive. Participants work and share together in pairs, small groups, as a whole group, and practice the skills with each other.
The best methods of interactive adult education are utilized so that maximum learning takes place.

“I just attended an SYIS Workshop. It was incredible. I learned so much… One of the sessions really turned my life upside-down and I am still processing it. THANK YOU for putting this all together and making it available to us. You have helped to open our eyes, heal our hearts, and put tools in our hands.”

What Will I Learn?
Certain elements of each workshop may vary due to individualized needs assessments. However, some of the topics that will be considered are:

Loving Listening
Become aware of the skills needed to minister more effectively to others through listening well.

Advice and Problem Solving
Learn about the role of advice and practice steps involved in helping others solve problems.

Study biblical guidelines and consider useful skills for confronting others and responding effectively when confronted in anger.

Conflict Management
Explore biblical ground rules for effective conflict resolution and examine a step-by-step strategy for managing conflicts and helping others manage conflict.

Learn what destroys community and what attitudes and skills can help to build community.

Consider the impact that stress has on yourself and others and develop a strategy to manage stress well.

Suffering Loss
Study the process involved in loss and grief and identify ways to help others who are grieving or have suffered loss.